About MAR China

– Managed Aquifer Recharge in the North China Plain

The project will address the potential of utilizing “low value” reclaimed water (treated waste water) and floodwater through Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) to replenish the groundwater aquifers in the North China Plain (NCP) region. Our aim is to investigate how MAR can contribute to rehabilitation of groundwater aquifers. This requires an improved knowledge of the treatment and degradation processes occurring during MAR and subsequent storage. In addition, the full potential is best explored using spatially distributed hydrological modelling to quantify the effects of realistic MAR implementation through scenario analysis.

Project aims

The project aims at three outcomes:

  • Development of a knowledge base to access the quantitative aspects of the large scale potential of MAR as a tool for water scarcity alleviation
  • Development of a knowledge base to access the water qualitative aspects of MAR in NCP
  • Increase the knowledge on MAR among stakeholders, practitioners and policy makers

The aims of the object are linked to three work packages:

  • WP1: Integrated hydrological modelling of coupled surface-water and groundwater systems
  • WP2: Water quality improvements through managed aquifer recharge in the North China Plain
  • WP3: Dissemination of results